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Sinclair Ashman

Sinclair works with collagraph and experimental printmaking techniques involving texture, materials, form and structure. In Sinclair’s February talk he discussed his work and how he has made his most recent prints. He also shared with us how he has managed his projects during lockdown. This was a delightful talk and very well attended.

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Sinclair Ashman presents a fascinating insight into his printmaking practice.

We are very pleased to invite PMC members to the second in our series of Zoom talks by PMC member Sinclair Ashman  Sinclair is a graphic designer and recently became the first Print Fellow at the University of Lincoln in their School of Design. Sinclair works with collagraph and experimental printmaking techniques involving texture, materials, form […]

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Ecologies of change: Grief and hope in a changing world.

Project overview. Ecologies of change is a collaboration between artists from Australia and the Printmakers Council UK. Supported by the PMC and the Royal Overseas League, the exhibition will  be shown at ROSL. The project is curated by Clare Humphries (Australia) and Jacki Baxter and Venessa Pugh (UK). Project Introduction. Ecologies of change invites artists […]

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