Online Talk: James Gillray


February 15th 6.30pm. Ticketed event run by The Georgian Society

James Gillray produced the best jokes in Georgian Britain. Working from the heart of Piccadilly, Gillray, Rowlandson, Cruikshank and a host of others used surrealist imagery, dark humour and biting wit to produce a quality of work yet to be surpassed. They mocked political squabbles with scatological humour and burlesqued the haut monde with a striking capacity for vendetta. Whilst Gillray is most famous for political works such as The Plumb-pudding in danger, he also produced a vast amount of social satires. This talk will look at one of Gillray’s most effective satirical tools: music. How did the audible translate to the visual? Who would have seen these jokes? What do they mean? Why were they so funny?

Alice Loxton is a History Presenter for History Hit TV, where she has presented and produced many documentaries including The Battle of EdgehillBroadway TowerThe Rollright Stones and The Eleanor Crosses. Her interest in historical satire spans far and wide. Whilst she is currently writing a book on James Gillray and the Golden Age of British Satire, she also founded the award winning satirical history magazine The Plague, and produced and performed News@1066, a satirical history show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The talks starts at 6.30pm. Joining details will be sent to attendees the day before.

More details and tickets here:  JAMES GILLRAY TALK