Beginner Fabric Printing, Essex


A fun, relaxed two day course where you will learn the basics of designing and printing onto fabric.


On Day One we explore relief printmaking, beginning with organic shapes and developing simple prints and designs. By the end of the day you will know how to get set up at home, have tried out several different brands of ink and explored printing complementary designs and patterns onto fabric with both temporary and permanent relief stamps.

On Day Two, we look at stencil screen printing, working on both a small and a large scale. There will be opportunities to experiment with repeat pattern and thermofax printing. By the end of the day you will have a good understanding of the process of screen printing and you will know how to register a two-colour design.

Throughout the course there will be an emphasis on experimentation so that you can develop your techniques and learn a multitude of skills to continue your printmaking at home.

You will leave with… fabric printed with samples of your designs and your relief stamps that can be used in future projects at home.


This workshop is suitable for beginners with no printmaking or design experience and those who have some printmaking experience who would like to transfer this knowledge to fabric. It is ideal for dabblers and creative people who are interested in printing their own textiles and the skills are easily continued at home. We begin each session with a demonstration of the skills we will be covering so no previous experience is necessary.


All printmaking tools and equipment will be provided for each session. You are advised to bring along a sketchbook and basic drawing materials and any design ideas or reference materials you have in mind.

Fabric: You will be provided with a starter pack of plain white cotton and a cotton tote bag to print on. However, I recommend that you bring along your own selection of fabrics to fully explore each technique, for instance cotton or linen in different colours, lighter shades will be most effective. Different fabrics will result in a slightly different print. We will mostly be working on a small scale, so smaller offcuts of fabric may be useful too.


 Group size is limited to 6 people to give you plenty of space to work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This course runs over two days, Thursday and Friday, starting at 09:30. The course will finish both days between 15:00 and 15:30 depending on the speed at which you work and the complexities of your designs.

Thursday 12 September & Friday 13 September 2019

Tea, coffee and a slice of homemade cake is included each day. Please bring along your own packed lunch (the nearest shop is a five minute drive away).

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