pastel aquatint _MG_9428craqueleure technique2 days 10:00 am ­ 4:00 pm or 3 evenings 6:00 ­ 9:00 pmIntroduction:The course will explore alternative and unconventional etching techniques. Students will experiment with making plates and prints using unusual substances and media: permanent markers and lipstick to name a few.Techniques to be covered are:Aquatint alternatives: how to use different substances and emulsions instead of traditional ones.

Craquelee: preparation technique to obtain cracked texture on the plate. The pattern created resembles a net and gives geometric, high contrast results.

Sulphur Manner: one- step preparation technique to obtain random tonal variation on the plate.

Skill level:

This is a great course for beginners and experienced etchers alike and would compliment courses you already run. It’s a fun course that will give participants the opportunity to investigate these alternative methods and learn new techniques. The pace of the course will allow for more experienced printmakers to work independently and maximise their own practice time. The course gives participants the opportunity to make quality prints using one or more of the techniques learnt.