A feast of Printmaking taking colour as a theme. Work may utilise colour as a formal element, or playfully explore colour juxtapositions, or make a statement through colour  or delight through exuberant colours.

The Printmakers Council is an established national organisation of printmakers which curates exhibitions of members’ work in the UK and abroad. There is no house style, rather Printmakers Council exhibitions aim for an extensive range of processes matched by a breadth of subject matter and creative concerns.


Exhibiting artists

Alison Bernal | Andrew Hambleton | Anna Toppin | Anne Gournay | Anne Sumpner Evans | Anthony Millard | Bronwen Paterson | Carolyn Smith-Shaw | Carolyn Stafford | Chris Mercier | Daniela Rizzi | David Brown | Dawn Cole | Despina Symeou | eleanor havsteen-franklin | Glynis Owen | Graham Smith | Heather Foster | Helen Baines | Helen Tranckle | Ian Scaife | G. J. Rickman | Julie Sullock | Kate Willows | Kit Boyd | Lucie Green | Margaret Ashman | Marilyn Simler | Mary yazhari | Michael Kennedy | Nicola Styan | pauline bradley | Peter Tingey | Phil Cosgrove | Rebecca Denton | Ros Morley | Ruth Barrett-Danes | Sally Grumbridge | sandra daniel | SUMI PERERA | tim southall | Venessa Pugh