Three and a Half Seasons

Woburn, in Bedfordshire, is a small town with a rich history and some outstanding gardens. Each year the members of “Woburn Open Gardens” welcome in the public over a week end in early summer to admire their creations.

We were given permission to draw these gardens throughout the year giving us a chance to experience the changing seasons in the same place, a real privilege.

We began the project in the summer of 2019 and worked through to spring 2020 when lock down shut us all in. The gardeners of Woburn have been very gracious, unfailingly helpful and generous with supplies of coffee and biscuits.

December may allow us to exhibit as we originally planned…immersively with a soundscape, slideshow, sketchbooks, coffee and plenty of chat! Hoping to do a pop-up in Leighton Buzzard soon.

The combination of solar and mono prints
Solar and monoprint

Exhibiting artists

Sarah Russell

Invited artists

Victoria Johns, Susane-Erskine Jones and Kate Milner