In Two Parts

In Two Parts brings two new and exciting collections of original prints to the Lombard Street Gallery in Margate Old Town.

While both shows include a wide range of ideas, concerns and techniques, in very general terms Part One tends towards softer and calmer works, while Part Two makes a bolder statement with a predominance of colour and impact.

Part 1 4th – 21st August

pv Friday 5th August 6-8pm

Featuring works by Eman AlHashimi, Margaret Ashman, Jane Barton, Helen Benson, Yvette Blumberg, Christina France Crew, Sarah Frances, Janette Gibson, Clare Grossman, Rose Harris, Maggie Henton, Gloria Holden, Claire Hynds, Michael Kennedy, Amanda McAllister, Julia McNeal, Antoinette Momtahan, Bronwen Paterson, Iain Perry, Robert Pugh, Sue Roe, Handan Sadikoglu, Lucy Smith, Tim Southall, Louise Stebbing, Anne Storno, Tim Waskett, Mary Yazhari, Johanna Zhang


Part 2 24th August – 11th September

Meet the Artists Sat 27th August 2-4pm

Featuring works by Tom Baggelay, Ruth Barrett-Danes, Gavin Iain Campbell, Rebecca Denton, Matthew Egan, Shuxiang Jin Farrall, Kate Fortune Jones, Diane Comte Frost, Colin Gillespie, Michael Griffiths, Andrew Hambleton, Corinne Hills, Tessa Holmes, Elizabeth Kelleher, Bethany Marett, Sally McKay, Anthony Millard, Janet Milner, Ros Morley, Rosa Osborne, Richard Peacock, Glynis Porter, Andrea Robinson, Hilary Rosen, Ian Scaife, Francesca Souza, Euan G. Stewart, Nicola Styan


Featured image: Maggie Henton, Midsummer Eve