Miles Lauterwasser – featured artist

Miles Lauterwasser is interested in cyclical states of change in relation to environment and self. These themes are explored in evocative, dissonant work that requires resolution on the part of the viewer. Structurally the work occurs in sequences or in a single modulated image. Environment and space is investigated through an ambiguous relationship betweeninternal and external. This relationship is used as an analogy to explore dialectic relationships, for example the personal and the public, inside and out, and conscious and subconscious.

This body of work uses source material gathered from a tidal saltmarsh pool in Essex. This large mass of water is in constant motion, rising and falling twice a day, revealing and concealing the land as it does so. Photographic imagery taken onsite is brought to the studio and recontextualised through a developmental process that includes; projection and sculpture, laser cutting and digital manipulation. Subsequently, printed works are realised using traditional printmaking processes including woodcut and etching. The works are presented individually or reconfigured and installed three dimensionally.

Side and Beyond, 2022
27 x 40 cm
Five plate etching with aquatint on Somerset paper