Ecologies of change: Grief and hope in a changing world.

Project overview.

Ecologies of change is a collaboration between artists from Australia and the Printmakers Council UK. Supported by the PMC and the Royal Overseas League, the exhibition will  be shown at ROSL. The project is curated by Clare Humphries (Australia) and Jacki Baxter and Venessa Pugh (UK).

Project Introduction.

Ecologies of change invites artists to visualise their response to a shift in consciousness as we recognise the impact and consequences of human activity on Earth’s ecosystems. We ask artists to consider the consequences of human-led ecological change and imagine other ways we might live in the aftermath of climate change.

By 2021 when this exhibition will be held, the International Commission on Stratigraphy is set to formally define a new slice of geologic record, the Anthropocene, to mark the profound ways in which humans have altered the planet. The Anthropocene identifies a new period in which humans have become the dominant bio-geo-physical force shaping the world.

At a time of profound change, Ecologies of Change forms a conversation across the hemispheres. The project brings together artists who share an ethics of care for Earth’s ecosystems. It invites them to take stock of the Anthropocene and to share visions of both loss and hope for change.

Members will be invited to submit up to 3 works via the PMC website as usual and all artists will pay a £15.00 flat fee. The works may be of any size and chosen prints should then be framed in a plain frame by the artist. It is hoped that all printmaking mediums will be represented in the final show including original digital prints.

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UK selection will be undertaken by members of the committee.

Insurance and Sales.

All artists from both countries will be responsible for their own insurance and sales money will go to the artist. ROSL will take 30% commission. In the event of any lockdown, the exhibition will be held on line.


The exhibition will be held at ROSL between 30th June and 15th September 2021.

The last date for UK submissions is May 15th 2021.

Successful artists  will be informed by May 31st.

Prints must be delivered to the PMC office on June 9th or 16th.