Prints to be archived with the Scarborough Museum Trust – Closed

You are invited to submit work for donation to the Printmakers Council Archive located at Scarborough Museums Trust. 

The collection was originally set up in 1992 but an archive had long been an objective for PmC.  The original request to members in February 1992 noted that the gallery’s permanent collection contained ‘works by Ivon Hitchens, Matthew Smith, Gaudier Brzeska, and prints by Michael Rothenstein, Anthony Gross, John Piper and Ceri Richards’.  The send-out suggested that the archive would be made available for study access, reference and exhibitions, and encouraged members to donate ‘the very best (works) from your oeuvre’.

The donation in 1992 had been the only one until 2016 when PmC in collaboration with Scarborough Art Gallery revived the archive, and this led to a very successful exhibition of all the donated prints together with selections from the collection in the spring of 2017. Since then, the museum has hosted exhibitions of members’ work on several occasions.

Our intention is to select one work from each member in order to provide as comprehensive a representation of the current membership as is possible.  Prints for this donation can be from any date, provided you were a member of Printmakers Council in the year the print was made.  This will help to enlarge the date range of the prints held in the archive.

Size: Flat prints can be up to a maximum size of A1.  3 dimensional works are also acceptable but only if possible to store flat, and under A1 in size when flat.

Selected prints must be submitted flat, unframed, and in good condition with clean borders, wrapped in cellophane with a card backing as if for display in a print browser.  Prints that are considered to fall short of the required standard at any stage will be rejected.

All prints will be photographed professionally before sending to the archive, so please ensure your print is easily removable from the acetate. Resealable cellophane envelopes are preferred.